A Behind the Scene Look at Italian Furniture Craftsmanship

Italy is renown for quality design, craftsmanship, construction, and materials. The retail market cannot provide the variety and flexibility to fully satisfy the taste and the needs of people wanting something special and unique. The retail market caters to popular taste as they have to inventory products that suits the market. They cannot provide the range of products to meet every customer’s need. Furthermore, the retail market is occupied mostly by modernist furniture with simple lines and minimal details. The

traditional and classical style is not well served in this market. The retail market offers a-la-carte service in which the customer buys a piece at a time and does not get a sense of the overall composition of the living space at home. The more discriminating customer would acquire the services of a interior designer or decorator to provide the overall sense of the composition and space. Even then, the designers rely on what the retail market has to offer and seldom do they have direct access to the factories or workshops.  Vita Italia offers a unique service that connects our clients directly to the factories and workshops.

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